Friday, August 08, 2008

Liberal Party needs to change focus

Now over 8 months since labor went from opposition to Government still, the focus remains essentially on the Liberal opposition rather than on the Labor Government.

Let us be clear on something, Brendan Nelson will remain the Liberal Leader until Costello steps up or in the event that he does not, Malcolm Turnbull or someone else does.

In the interim, the government is being provided with a largely trouble-free ride to implement policies without appropriate opposition scrutiny while feeding the electorate an unwelcome does of expensive and illusory nonsense like the creation of an Asian Union, the securing of an Australian seat at the U.N. Security Council, and ridding the world of nukes.

The Murray Darling solution is not doing anything to improve the Murrays health.

The means testing for the Solar Power Rebate is crippling an important and vital industry.

The increase in the Medicare threshold for singles and families will see an exodus from the private system to an already strained public system.

Kevin Rudd’s 10 new National Employment standards (NES) which shall form part of the governments new IR system due by, Jan 1, 2010, mentions the term “reasonable” and “unreasonable” so many times that, "Businesses will have to engage a lawyer to help them work out what is reasonable or unreasonable in dozens of circumstances," says Julie Bishop.

Meanwhile the Federal Minister for Economic Destruction i.e. Penny Wong, is pushing ahead to implement her flawed Emissions Trading Scheme (now sold to us as the, morally stirring Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme) which will do zip to address climate change whilst stifling industries and driving up prices. It’s time the debate switches its focus on the negative impact a carbon-constrained economy will have on ordinary Australians...

FuelWatch and GroceryWatch will not address rising prices but only serve as another source of information for consumers at a huge cost to taxpayers.

Let us put the focus on Government, its love of symbolism and glossy rhetoric, tokenistic gesturing and impressionistic, light in substance policy making shall we; a Government whose decisions are quickly sullying what was once a thriving world envied economy.

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