Sunday, July 27, 2008

ETS Opposition: Now or never ...

Says Janet,

"In the early days of John Hewson Fight Back tax reforms, most people supported the tax reforms. But most didn’t understand them. In 1993, Paul Keating didn’t neutralise the issue, he obliterated it. He used voters’ lack of understanding about the reforms by convincing them that FightBack would wreak havoc on the family budget by driving prices higher.
The Coalition will have the chance to tell voters that Labor’s ETS will do the same thing. They cannot do that if they take a ‘me-too, only a little’ later approach to Labor’s climate change policies. As the climate change debate moves beyond empty rhetoric to questions of economic responsibility, it is potentially moving directly onto the home turf of the Coalition’s strength on economic management. But that requires a Coalition willing to make this issue their own, instead of riding piggy back on Labor’s policy."

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For the coalition, the ETS issue provides a window of opportunity for the taking, but only if the Libs take a lion-hearted confrontational stand with the aim of maneuving the debate to where Labor is weakest...

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