Monday, July 21, 2008

Nuclear Power: Discard Perceptions accept Facts

The Age is running an interesting article by Nuclear Scientist and engineer, Leslie Kemeny who argues that if the Government were serious about (i) reducing emissions and (ii) making the largest reductions at the lowest possible cost, it would embrace nuclear power.

“Political prejudice stops us from discussing this alternative fuel source. The unseemly haste associated with the implementation of Australia's emission trading scheme seems to be driven more by political aspirations and the pseudo-science of special interest groups than sound environmental concern. On a recent visit to Australia, Jeffrey Sachs, distinguished professor of sustainability from Columbia University, pointed out the futility of a highly politicized debate on emissions trading. He said that the science, technology and economics of any optimal new "clean" energy policy should be properly simulated, studied and understood by all national stakeholders. Sachs endorses nuclear power as the pivotal clean technology.” more >>

I doubt whether Kevin has the courage of Carr and Howes who uttered the forbidden word in June, undoubtedly, most Labor folk won’t buy but the skeptics within, cannot be silenced forever. If we are to have a economically and environmentally sound future we need to plaster the term back on the table. The forbidden term is, nuclear.

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Aurora said...

I don't know why but I get the feeling that the current government has little interest in what's economically viable. I totally agree that nuclear energy is the obvious choice, but would that solve the problem too easily? Labor gets a lot of benefit out of having this 'incurable' problem that only they are interested in fixing.