Monday, July 14, 2008

Axing of Big Brother victory for morality

A considerable dip in ratings has ensured a victory for the virtue of morality – the Ten Network has announced that it will axe the reality show after 1316 episodes.

Often referred to as the bane of conservatives and arbiters of better taste, the show that John Howard fittingly described as ‘atrocious’ and ‘stupid’ will finally end following next Monday’s screening.

Progressives can accuse critics of such programs of pushing a media censorship agenda as well as conservative proselytizing all they wish, Big Brothers licentious content is well documented but back of this were very legitimate concerns about what television viewers consume. Inappropriate material - excessive sexual conduct and referencing in addition to foul language - has all but polluted free to air television between 7-9PM.

Most Australians believe that morality is slipping and there is little doubt that the media is one of the greatest contributing factors, that the Ten Network has finally shut the doors on BG is welcome news.

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