Monday, July 14, 2008

Alexander Downer steps down

Alexander Downer has officially stepped down as an MP and called on the Liberal Party to stand by its “true beliefs.

Speaking on Sky News, he added:

"I think they should stand by their true beliefs, first of all in individual freedom and not being supporters of the nanny state, dictating to everybody how they should live their lives” …

“It's very much become the way of Labor today, they're into every single aspect of your life, telling you whether you should be fat or thin, whether you should be fit or unfit, whether you should have four drinks or three” ...

“I mean, what sort of society is that?"

Our former Foreign Minister will now focus on his business consultancy company and become the United Nations' special envoy for Cyprus.

"I will be working toward helping the Cyprus saga, working as an envoy to try and resolve that long-standing issue," Mr Downer told News Limited.

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We wish him well …

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