Thursday, June 05, 2008

Labor slogans and sybolism

John Roskam writes: "Labor is caught between slogans and the need to act when it comes to petrol. Two things stand out about the Rudd era of Australian politics. First, there is the Prime Minister's love of slogans - "working families" and "education revolution" are political slogans par excellence. Second, there is the Prime Minister's talent for symbolism. We've had a signing, a summit and an apology."

"It was inevitable that the slogans and the symbolism would collide. Climate change policy is the first big test of which of the two will be triumphant. Kevin Rudd has a dilemma: does he maintain his promise to working families and do everything possible to keep down the price of petrol? Or does he implement his election commitment to cut greenhouse gases, which could result in petrol prices going up by 25 cents a litre? That increase is a conservative estimate of the effect of the carbon emissions trading scheme Labor has said it will introduce within the next two years." Read more ...

What an interesting and perfectly expected outcome, that “slogans and the symbolism would collide.”

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