Monday, June 09, 2008

Iraq pullout is Rudd Propaganda

The Opposition says Government claims that Australia's combat commitment to Iraq is over are pure spin. More than 130 soldiers from the Overwatah Battle Group, who had been based in the south of Iraq, arrived back in Brisbane early this morning. Labor promised to end Australia's combat presence in Iraq during last year's federal election campaign. Read it here ...

Says Alexander Downer, "What is encouraging about the new Australian Government is that for all its bluster about the evils of getting rid of Saddam, it is at least leaving a warship in the Gulf to protect Iraq’s oil terminals (the central source of Iraqi prosperity), and it will also keep an RAAF air bridge into and out of Iraq to maintain supplies to our allies. Australia will still have about 1000 defence personnel in Iraq. But it’s an interesting decision from a Government that says it was wrong to send forces to Iraq and said we had to withdraw them to focus on our own region." If the war was so illegal, immoral and generally heinous, why is the Rudd Government still contributing?

Typical Rudd Government spin, bring the troops home, really means leaving most of them there, tear up WorkChoices really means keeping up to 80% of it. Kevin Rudd's got it down to an art form... Oh and another thing, would it be correct to say that a doctor is not a doctor unless he/she is practicing in a hospital, or that a politician is not a politician unless he/she is actually sitting in the chamber? A combat troop is a combat troop no matter what the assignment.

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