Friday, June 27, 2008

Embrace Nuclear Energy: No not Howard - Bob Carr

“The head of Australia's biggest blue-collar union, Paul Howes, and former NSW Labor premier Bob Carr have called for Australia and the Rudd Government to purge its prejudices and embrace a nuclear power industry … Their advocacy at the annual Australian American Leadership Dialogue in Washington after a debate on climate change signals a campaign to persuade the federal Labor Government to rethink its policy on nuclear energy.” Read the rest here

And from Paul Kelly’s blog, “Australia’s energy policy debate is about to erupt. The emissions trading system pledged by Kevin Rudd looms as a policy nightmare that means higher energy and transport prices … And now an old demon has re-emerged, with demands Australia should go nuclear... The corridors of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue were infected this week with multiple sources of this alarm. The unease is profound. It is as though Australia is sleepwalking into the biggest restructuring of its economy for a generation, with a popular culture that thinks climate change solutions are about light bulbs and carbon-free concerts.” More here

John Howard revealed his vision to increase uranium mining and explore the nuclear power option years ago. Announcing a strategy for the future development of uranium mining and nuclear power in Australia he added, "… In light of the significance of global climate, change and as the world's largest holder of uranium reserves, Australia has a clear responsibility to develop its uranium resources in a sustainable way,".

A task force was announced and led by former Telstra chief executive Ziggy Switkowski, to explore the viability of nuclear energy. Read Switkowski’s November 2006 uranium mining, processing and nuclear energy draft report speech to National Press Club here

Contrary to dissenting views it’s a debate that's long overdue. Listen carefully and you will soon hear the screams; remember Three mile Island and Chernobyl? Anti-nuclear parties do little but engage in scaremongering, proudly citing these two examples when so so much has changed in the past 30 years. Chernobyl was built by commissioned by the Soviets in 1977, even by standards then, it was hardly a work of art.

More importantly it might just save our economy from the excesses of environmentally friendly folly as led by the white liberal bourgeoisie and self righteous environmentalists with their narrow unenlightened views - ALP and Green Party aficionados amongst others.

’Climate change’ is merely another cause the left pursues. In the 1980’s it was about nuclear disarmament, then came the end of the Cold War, thanks to a great conservative in Ronald Reagan. In the 90’s it was PC and Aboriginal land rights, then we had the refugees. Today anyone who doubts climate change is demonized. I suspect in a few short years they will move on to another cause. .. By then however, we will ALL have paid for the follies of the Rudd government.

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MK said...

"...higher energy and transport prices..."

And that is why they will never accept nuclear power, it's too cheap and too efficient. If you scratch the surface of any leftie, you'll find an insane hatred of the car, and an obsession with public transport. They hate the car, not because of CO2 and the planet, but because it gives you freedom to go where you want, when you want. That threatens them somehow.

"...we will ALL have paid for the follies of the Rudd government."

The more they can make us pay, the less money we will have to do with as we damn well please, that's another concept they don't like much.