Sunday, June 15, 2008

Australian Labor: Poor Imitation of the Real Deal

Labor frontbencher Craig Emerson has outlined what he says is the future direction of Rudd Government philosophy to provide for a fairer society that is not reliant on welfare. In a speech to the Sydney Institute last night, the Minister for Small Business said the promotion of a free market did not sit in contrast to prosperity and opportunities for individuals. "Some say competitive markets bring out the worst in us - greed and avarice. Oddly they don't say the same about the Olympic Games, football or cricket, netball, music and dance competitions, all based on our most competitive instincts," he said. Emerson said the policy approaches of the Hawke and Keating governments are being continued by the Government but also need an overhaul for the 21st Century. Read more here ..

One suspects that the electorate will soon come to realize the inexact, to and fro populist nature of the Rudd Government. Aspiring Treasurer and Minister for Small Business, Craig Emerson sounded distinctly like a Liberal Coalition member when giving a speech last week – free markets, small Government, more tax cuts and less middle class welfare seemed the order of the day. Unlike previous Labor Governments this Government believes it can occupy a middle of the road please all position and yet appear credible. For how long one wonders …

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