Sunday, June 15, 2008

Australia to put man on Mars by 2023 - Rudd

June 16 - In an extraordinary parliamentary speech in Canberra, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has called for tens of billions of dollars to fund an Australian Space program to get the first man on Mars by 2023.

He asked for an initial one billion for immediate research on developing ideas on getting an Australian on Mars within 15 years and added that Australia will form a commission to review and study ways to achieve the goal within the timeframe …

Now if you believe that you may also believe that:

  • Mr. Rudd is going to create an Asian Union similar to the E.U. and that
  • Mr. Rudd is going to secure a seat for Australia at the U.N. Security Council and that
  • Mr. Rudd is going to rid the world of nuclear weapons

The master of distractions!


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